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Primus Aerospace is one of the leading aerospace manufacturing companies in the Rocky Mountain region. Established in 1989, Primus has grown into a technology oriented integrator of aerospace products and assemblies, employing over 150 people in its 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility which include warehouse, quality, assembly and engineering departments onsite. Primus also has satellite offices in Arizona, Michigan and Germany. Our success has been achieved by maintaining a focused strategy on quality, continuous improvement, cost reduction and the ability to adapt to our customers' changing demands.

Our customers include most major OEMs in the aerospace and defense industries such as Lockheed Martin Space Systems, L3, General Dynamics, NASA, DoD, UTC, Gulfstream, Zodiac Aerospace, Kaman Aerospace, Textron/Cessna, Triumph Aerospace and others. Our customer base requires the most demanding standards of work within the industry, and we employ the most stringent quality assurance processes and advanced equipment to meet these requirements. Primus Aerospace is regularly innovating and investing in the proper technologies needed to meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry.

Primus Aerospace operates 7 days/week, 24 hours/day. We manufacture over 500 products and assemblies each month ranging from volumes of 1 - 50,000. Our operation generates more than 500,000 lbs. of finished products every month, and we recycle over 95% of our excess alloys totaling an additional 500,000 additional lbs. of metal recycled each year.

Primus Aerospace actively participates in programs to preserve our world's limited resources and promotes practices to save our planet's resources. We encourage all our customers and employees to move to paperless environments, energy conservation and recycling programs. We promote the use recycled and organic materials, and also rely on energy efficient lighting and equipment to provide substantial reductions in our energy usage.